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This page contains links to various products, suppliers, and services that I have used for day-to-day supplies, training, and competition. There are hundreds of pages and web sites out there that I like including many by friends and acquaintances, but for the purpose of this page I am limiting it to products and services I have experiences using.


Some of my Facebook "Likes"



JuliusK9 from K9Harness
JuliusK9 makes several awesome harnesses and collars that can be customized with flags and custom labels. Nikon has a flyball collar and a beltharness sporting FLYBALL, SECURITY, BALL JUNKIE, or NIKON. I also ordered their version of a 6'/2m biothane leash after I lost my last one. This company is in Hungary but my items arrived in just one week (even after I made a mistake that they corrected). I liked the products even more than I expected.

Getty Gear
Flyball enthusiast Emily Getty makes a huge range of flyball tugs and custom collars. Nikon uses one of her braided climbing rope tugs with a Dura-Doggie ball on the end. With a dog Nikon's size and strength, it is nearly impossible to find a flyball tug I can "catch" him with and not have it stretch, tear, or the ball come off. The Getty tug is outlasting anything we have tried and Nikon doesn't even mind that his is hot pink! Contact Emily for custom orders or watch for her vending table at NAFA events.

Z-control custom makes skid and hock boots for flyball dogs, as well as other custom flyball dog toys. Their boots come in a huge range of colors, designs, and unique personalization options. These boots saved Pan's stop pads and hocks every time he did flyball! Nikon does not need boots but if he did, this is where we'd order. The title links to their web site, but you should check out their Facebook page for examples of cool custom orders!

Eric Tindall Flyball Box
My flyball team, Fly By Night, uses Eric Tindall boxes. Recently Eric retrofitted our boxes with newer style thrusters and reburbished the surface. Our dogs are already turning better and chipping away at their times and our box is not as loud.

Bridgeport K9
Bridgeport supplied three items I use quite a bit: 1) my "trial leash", a 4' x 1/2" burgundy leather lead with a ring in the handle. This leash has done 2 BHs, 2 FOs, 2 CGCs, 1 SchH1 as well as serving as a great all purpose leash without excess length or bulk. 2) Like many of my fellow Schutzhund enthusiasts, I use the tracking harness for a protection/agitation harness. It is cheaper than many other leather training harnesses yet I know many people that have used one for 10 years. 3) I often used the rolled leather slip collar as an all purpose collar (walks, going to the vet, pottying dogs at tournaments, etc). I like that it also has a buckle closure so you can fit it more accurately.

Hallmark K9
I shop Hallmark because Nikon's trump toy is the medium Gappay ball! We also have a curogan Herm Sprenger prong collar, several sets of tracking articles, and my favorite 3/8"x6' obedience leash from Hallmark. Hallmark is often a vendor at national Schutzhund events and we get a deal when we place a large order as a club. If you are going to order, check with your club first or see if anyone is going to any national events coming up and you may be able to save.

Elite K9
I have several items from Elite K9 including T-shirts, my trial tracking line (33' x 1/2" ASAT), and the decal for my dog van. They have plenty of items in stock for Schutzhund/protection sports, working dogs, and military.

Chow Hound Pet Supplies
Chow Hound is a small pet store chain local to west Michigan. I have been shopping almost exclusively at Chow Hound for several years now. Obviously I also endorse the other products and suppliers on this page, but I usually only shop outside of Chow Hound for items they don't carry. I get all of my food, treats, basic collars and leashes, supplies for puppies and rescue dogs, toys, and grooming supplies from Chow Hound. I also am a frequent customer of their dogwash stations. The employees at Chow Hound are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgable about their products. They also help me to save and find whatever discounts are available.

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