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Legend's Stats

VP Winter Storm's I Am Legend TF-III U-CA UMJ
DOB: 22 October 2013
AKC: DN38094801
UKC: P747-748
U-Fli: 8174
CPE: 11946-03
UpDog: C1741156
Sire: Nikon
Dam: Layla von der BleuHaus
DM: clear by parentage (both parents clear/normal both alleles)
Legend's training and competition videos

Legend has a true "Joie de vivre" or "joy for life" that makes him a fun dog to own and train. He loves food, balls, and disc/Frisbee toys. Legend is always happy and bouncing around. I tend to be a fairly uptight person, but Legend makes me laugh, keeps a smile on my face. I think his purpose on earth is to help me is to lighten up! He still has some puppy antics such as picking up and carrying "loose" items like clothes or shoes for his "nest" and he is a terrible counter-surfer, but he will settle in the house and is for the most part a lovely companion and indoor pet.

As of January 2017, Legend is now the fastest German Shepherd in the sport of flyball, clocking a 3.9 running singles (he has also run 3.8s line-to-line). He is now anchoring our "A" team and will be competing at U-FLI nationals this fall.

In 2015, Legend tied for the farthest jumping German Shepherd dog in the NADD league of dock diving.

Legend received a "VP" rating from SV judge Herr Wilfried Scheld in April 2014 (VP is the highest rating available for that age) and was given a very flattering critique.

In May 2014, we took Legend in for his prelim x-rays and found his elbows are developing normally and his hips looked fantastic. Unfortunately he is still missing an upper canine and we're not sure if this is due to an injury to the side of his face when he was very young or something congenital, so Legend has been neutered and is taking over the role of my primary sport dog.

Legend entered his first flyball tournament in January 2015 as a PreFlight dog. In January 2016, he began racing singles and clocked a 4.1 line-to-line time his first time out. In June, he raced a 3.9 line-to-line. He earned his first lure coursing title in May 2015 and began competing in dock diving events in May and June 2015. In his first dock diving competition, Legend set the German Shepherd breed record for North America Diving Dogs (NADD) with a jump of 22'6"! A year later, Legend defended his title as the top jumping GSD with a jump of 23'0". In his first Ultimate Air Dogs competition at the 2015 UKC Premier, Legend jumped a personal best of 22'0" which qualified him into the Master Division finals in second place after four days of dogs jumping. He finished in 4th places in the Master Division finals. Not bad for a puppy who refused to jump the year before! With some more experience and training, we hope to challenge Legend's aunt Idaia for the GSD breed record in UAD (23'7"). In the fall of 2015, Legend qualified for UpDog Challenge world championships in four events! Legend's first agility trial was January 23, 2016.

Legend's hips and elbows at 7 months


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