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Name & Titles/Certifications:
U-CH Alta-Tollhaus-Krieger Lamb Chop OB1 FO RA RN CL1-R CL1-F TT TDI HIT CGC
DOB: 28 Oct 2003
Breed: German Shepherd dog
Color: red sable
Lines: east and west German working lines
CERF: GS-1317N
OFA: GS-CA495/39F/C-NO, Cardiac - Normal
AKC: DN05276205
Microchip: 0A10647C72
Sire: Narro von der Kine SchH3 KKL2
Dam: Dastra vom Erste Freund U-CD U-AG1 BH CD NJP CL1-S CL1-H CL2-F CGC
Breeder: Julie Richards-Mostosky
Pedigree:  Click to view

On the training field, Kenya demonstrated a high level of focus and precision. She worked for the sake of working and loved to be with her handler. Praise was her "high value" reward and she wanted to be "right". Though Kenya was pure German working lines and her father was a high-in-trial Schutzhund competitor with perfect 100 scores, Kenya was a softer dog and did not train in bitework. Kenya liked to show off in the ring and has never failed or NQed at anything she tried. Her calm demeanor allowed her to easily pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, the West Michigan Therapy Dog pet assisted therapy training and evaluation, the Therapy Dogs International evaluation, and the American Temperament Test Society's temperament test. Her size and conformation made her the perfect agility dog. She was a smaller bitch, 21.5" and 50lbs. She had good hips (x-rayed by renowned veterinary radiologist Dr. "Mos" Mostosky); her movement balanced, effortless, and efficient. Her conformation did not fit the "type" of either the AKC or SV ring trends, but she was a beautiful example of how the working German shepherd should look and function. She had two legs towards her UKC Grand Champion title and after being spayed, participated in the UKC Altered Best In Show. At Pawsitive Canine Training, Kenya completed Beginner Agility, Intermediate Agility, Advanced Agility (2x), Intermediate/AKC CGC, passed the CGC, Intro to Rally, Advanced Rally, APDT Rally, and Advanced Skills.

Kenya was bred by her breeder before I owned her and two of her sons were some of the most titled dogs I know. Though I never formally trained Kenya to track, she had a fantastic nose and her son Lance completed several tracking titles. Lance's titles include (I'm probably missing some) U-CH, U-AgII U-RO1, Alta-Tollhaus Par Four TDX TD AX AXJ NAP NJP OF RA CTL1 CL2 NAC NCC TN-N TG-N WV-N CSL1-F CSL1-H CSL1-S RS-N JS-N GS-N mHIC, OFA Hips (Normal) + Elbows (Excellent). Kenya's son "Bogey" is a MACH2 agility dog (MACH2 Alta-Tollhaus In The Rough MXG MJG XF T2B).

Kenya went to the Rainbow Bridge in the fall of 2012.

Date Event Type Title/Award Place
3-13-10 UKC Conformation First Place Altered 1
5-3-09 UKC Dog Sport trial Protection 1 Obedience Passed
5-2-09 UKC Dog Sport trial Family Obedience Passed
3-28-09 Rally trial RE leg 2
7-19-08 CPE agility trial Fullhouse Level 1 leg and CL1-F title 1
7-19-08 CPE agility trial Jumpers Level 1 leg 1
7-19-08 CPE agility trial Standard Level 1 leg and CL1-R title 1
7-19-08 CPE agility trial Standard Level 1 leg 2
7-12-08 Temperament test ATTS TT Passed
6-7-08 Therapy dog test TDI Passed
5-31-08 Sheep Herding Herding Instinct Test Passed (watch here!)
5-25-08 Rally trial RA leg, RA title 2
5-24-08 Rally trial RA leg 1
5-23-08 Rally trial RA leg 1
3-29-08 Rally trial RN leg, RN title Q
1-20-08 Rally trial RN leg 3rd
1-20-08 Rally trial RN leg 4th
12-17-07 Therapy dog test West Michigan Therapy Dogs eval Passed
10-25-07 AKC CGC test Canine Good Citizen Passed


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