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Name & Titles/Certifications:
VPC's Coca-Cola HIT (2x)CGC

DOB: 7 July 2006
Gotcha Day: 3 Nov 2007
Color: black and red
Breed: mix
Sire: unknown
Dam: "Melanie"
Rescue: Vicky's Pet Connection

We adopted Coke (formerly Teddy) from Vicky's Pet Connection (an all-breed dog and cat rescue) in November 2007. Coke is our goofy lovebug. His name Coca-Cola suits him - he is dark, refreshing, "cool", and bubbley! He has no drive for work or formal training, he just wants to play or cuddle. Coke did however pass the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test twice, so we gave him a "special" name for his AKC certificate - VPC's Coca-Cola (VPC stands for Vicky's Pet Connection). Coke has a relaxed temperament with dogs and people and avoids conflict both in training and in his interactions with people and dogs. He loves children and is very outgoing towards all people. He would definitely NOT protect our home from intruders! With Coke around we are never lacking smiles and laughs. At Pawsitive Canine Training, Coke has completed Intermediate/AKC CGC, passed the CGC, and Beginner Agility.

Date Event Type Title/Award Place
6-11-11 Sheep Herding Herding Instinct Test Passed
7-11-09 Sheep Herding Herding Instinct Test Passed
12-20-08 AKC CGC Canine Good Citizen Passed
8-29-08 AKC CGC Canine Good Citizen Passed


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