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"Vom Blauen Horizont" means "from the Blue Horizon". The Blue Horizon was the name of a small shop and resort cabins on Big Star Lake in Lake County, Michigan, where my family has spent their summers for nearly 100 years. Besides Big Star Lake, my favorite place in the world is the coast of Lake Michigan, where we enjoy the beautiful beaches or watch the sun set on the blue horizon. My dogs love these areas as well. Each summer they get to hike through the Manistee National Forest, dig on the beach, and jump off the docks. The banner image is composed of photographs I took of Big Star Lake and my current competition dog, Nikon. We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Nikon at the lake

My passion is training German Shepherd dogs. I enjoy showing and competing in disciplines such as tracking, obedience, protection (Schutzhund & SDA), agility, herding, conformation, flyball, lure coursing, dock diving, disc dog, and K9 NoseWork. My dogs also participate in obedience demonstrations for elementary classes and walk in parades to help promote a local elementary school.

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Puppy Aslan
Puppy Aslan and my dog-child socializers

Father & son: Legend 17 months, Nikon 6.5 years
March 26, 2015

Patton 7 Months
Nikon's son Patton won the Novice division of dock diving at the 2014 UKC Premier at age 7 months!

Nikon Frizzgility
Nikon competing in the UpDog Challenge "Frizzgility" games at the 2014 UKC Premier. Nikon scored higher than some disc dogs despite having never seen a frisbee before this morning.

Nikon competing at the 2014 NAFA CanAm Classic (North American flyball championships) in Indianapolis, October 2014